Below are some considerations for disaster planning for services providing accommodation to clients e.g. placement services and diversionary services

These are only suggested considerations and do not replace any advice received from relevant authorities.

  • Make sure all staff are aware of the agency’s expectations of them during and after an event (eg: availability for shift, emergency contact details, need to contact service where possible if unavailable for work, etc). 
  • Be mindful that not all staff may be available to work during or after an event.
  • Fuel up all work vehicles. 
  • Store extra supplies of water, non-perishable foods, bedding and linen and other relevant goods as required for staff and clients (particularly for accommodation services) 
  • Battery powered radio and spare batteries 
  • Gas bottles for cooking and lighting, if required (and spare)
  • Torches / candles

There is potential for an increase in clients seeking to access services for shelter during and after an event.

This may lead to increased need for food, water, bedding, clothing, etc, (particularly at crisis shelters and similar services).

There may be a need to evacuate some locations / services depending on the impact of the event, therefore services need to be aware of Evacuation Plans and Evacuation Centre locations (when announced).  

Your organisation should also be familiar with the plans and supporting documents and resources available from local governments. If necessary, make contact with the relevant local government officer(s) to discuss their particular issues or vulnerability well before any potential threat is imminent.

Here are links to some local government resources:

Cairns Regional Council

Cassowary Coast

Tablelands Regional Council 

Cook Shire Council

Mareeba Shire Council

Torres Shire Council

Douglas Shire Council

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