Griffith University is leading on national research that aims to advance the quality of social work research and will consult service leaders, policy makers and end users in the project.

Quality research is critical to inform policies, program design and implementation, and innovative ways of working in the human services.

All types of good research contribute to building knowledge for practice. Yet the social work research base has significant limitations due to under-investment in research, inadequate workforce training and development, and tensions between research and practice.

The expected impact of this research is the emergence of a future-oriented, international research agenda from which innovative responses to social need can prosper. 

The research team includes Professor Clare Tilbury, Leneen Forde Chair of Child and Family Research, School of Human Services and Social Work, Griffith University; Professor Mark Hughes, Head of Social Work, School of Arts and Social Sciences, Southern Cross University; Professor Christine Bigby, Director Living with Disabilities Research Centre, LaTrobe University; and Professor Mike Fisher, Director Institute of Applied Social Research, University of Bedfordshire, UK.

The research is funded under the Australian Research Council Discovery Project scheme to undertake a study of social work research in Australia.  The aim of the Advancing Social Work Research project is to increase the production, utilisation, and impact of social work research in Australia in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of human services. 

For further information contact Professor Clare Tilbury by email: [email protected]

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