QCOSS, NDS and Jobs Australia are providing a second series of workshops to organisations affected by the re-drafted Fair Work (Transitional Provisions and Consequential Amendments) Amendment Regulation 2012 (No. 1).

Who Should Attend?

The workshops will be targeted to those members of the organisation who would be responsible for determining and calculating backpay obligations and/or managing the implications of the Regulation on the organisation and its workforce. Organisations should read the ‘Purpose of these Workshops’ section below to determine which staff would be most suitable to attend.

The workshops are open to all organisations affected by the Regulation (whether member organisations of QCOSS, NDS or Jobs Australia or not) and other non-profit community organisations that have an interest are also welcome to attend.

Purpose of These Workshops:

The purpose of this round of workshops will be to:

  • give a brief explanation of the background to the Regulation
  • clarify the differences between the original Regulation and the re-drafted Regulation including what is required of the new Regulation
  • clarify how organisations become prescribed and/or exempt from the new Regulation
  • explain the recent changes in industrial arrangements at a national level and how these will impact on organisations
  • note the new funding announcements from the Federal Government
  • provide intensive support around calculating backpay obligations, including the demonstration of a backpay calculation tool; and
  • reiterate the different sources of information and support available to organisations.

We acknowledge that these workshops will be occurring after the date by which organisations bound by the Regulation are required to move to the new rates of pay. This is a result of the short amount of time that was given between the release of the re-drafted Regulation and the implementation date. However the date of implementation for backpay is not until July 2012.  See the ‘Other Support Mechanisms’ section below for information and advice in the meantime.

Other Support Mechanisms:

Organisations should access the variety of other support mechanisms available prior to the end of February to determine if they are required to pay the required rates of pay to current workers from 1 March 2012. The emphasis of the workshops will be on reinforcing this information, assisting organisations to calculate their backpay obligations and providing advice to organisations on how to manage any implications for their organisation and workforce.

Workshop Schedule & How to Register

Click here to view the workshop schedule and details.

Click here to register for a workshop.

Organisations should note that the delivery of workshops in certain regions will be dependent on an appropriate level of interest in that region. In the event that few organisations register within a region, organisations will be contacted and the support and information will be offered through other mechanisms.

For More Information

Visit www.communitydoor.org.au/pay-equity-regulation for more detailed information regarding the Regulation and an outline of where you can access different types of information and support.

For queries relating to these workshops, please contact Jane Balcaceres who is the Project Officer, Pay Equity Regulation at QCOSS on 07 3004 6934 or [email protected].

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