Housing affordability and homelessness are important issues facing disadvantaged Queenslanders. 

Housing is a complex system of inter-connecting causes and effects. 

The shortage of affordable private and social housing in Queensland makes it is difficult for low income households to secure affordable housing while meeting the rising cost of essential goods and services.

Access to affordable housing is the foundation on which Queenslanders build stable and productive lives. Stable housing positively influences health, education, employment, economic and social participation outcomes.

“Housing, even in its simplest form, meets two basic human needs: shelter and security. Its influence on the welfare of households is substantial, affecting, for example, health and wellbeing, education, employment and social and community participation.” (AIHW, 2017) 

In the 2016 census there were 21,671 people experiencing homelessness in this state. Reasons that people find themselves in this situation include accommodation issues, financial difficulties, domestic violence and relationship issues, lack of support, discrimination, mental health and substance abuse issues.

In this section you will find current news, resources and other information relevant to those working in the housing and homelessness sector.

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