In obtaining a gift, you have achieved more than just the funds that gift represents.  You have made others conscious and committed to your cause.  You have found true believers.  There are many hundreds of worthy causes today and a true believer for yours may naturally be interested in other good works.  That is the spirit of philanthropy.

Remember though that building a corps of loyal donors will be the lifeblood that makes your organisation grow in its ability to solve the human or social need it was established to meet.  The more people give, the more people are likely to give again ... because they care about the cause.  It is much easier to win funding support from existing donors than to find other believers.  Take every opportunity to renew the donor’s interest in the cause.  Even if you have achieved the desired amount - you have enough to build your after school hours care rooms or start the women’s shelter - there is likely to be a ‘next time‘.  New needs will arise.  Do not forget to express your appreciation on an ongoing basis.

Useful contacts

For information on membership of the professional associations such as FIA, annual conferences, Queensland Chapter monthly meetings with guest speakers, member lists, codes of fundraising ethics.

Fundraising Institute Australia

Member Services Department

Telephone:  (03) 9830 7211 

Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies

Queensland University of Technology

For information on postgraduate study in fundraising and nonprofit topics

Telephone:  (07) 3138 1020

Philanthropy Australia

For information on trusts and foundations and other philanthropic matters

Telephone:    (03) 9620 0200

The Australian Government has passed legislation that establishes a national tax deductible fund for neighbourhood houses. This has been done by the inclusion of Australian Neighbourhood Houses & Centres Association (ANHCA) Inc into the table of specific welfare and rights recipients in the...


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