The Queensland Government introduced the Multicultural Queensland Policy in 1998.

Queensland introduced the Multicultural Recognition Act 2016. The Act:

  • promotes Queensland as a united, harmonious and inclusive community and will foster opportunities for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to participate in all aspects of life in our prosperous state
  • acknowledges that a diverse, dynamic and cohesive society will deliver important benefits for all Queenslanders, including the community, government and business sectors
  • recognises our diverse cultural heritage and aims to ensure that government services are responsive to the needs of our multicultural communities.

For more information on this policy and its application see the Multicultural Affairs Queensland website.

'Our story, our future' is the Queensland Government's Multicultural Policy promoting inclusive, harmonious and united Queensland. Find out more about the policy and action plan here.

The Multicultural Recognition Act 2016 requires all government agencies to report publicly on their actions in the plan and provide a summary of their progress every year. This allows the community to track how the government is achieving positive change, and provides a picture of where they need to make changes to investment or services.

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