In this section you will find information on a variety of mechanisms to formalise your collaborative relationships to deliver more effective services.

All stakeholders should be involved in identifying risks and appropriate strategies to mitigate them, and these should be documented as soon as possible. Collaborations that involve substantial financial commitment should always have a well-researched, robust and documented risk management plan appropriate to the level of potential loss or negative impact.

Partnership or inter-agency agreements document the agreed terms and conditions of collaboration between agencies. Agreements may contain the general aims, priorities and commitments of the partnership and provide clarity around roles and responsibilities.

Service protocols outline how agencies work together.

A Consortium comprising Foresters Community Finance, Positive Solutions and QUT Creative Enterprise Australia (CEA) is working with Arts Queensland to lead the way with a new arts fund that mixes public and private investment. Today Arts Minister Ian Walker launched the Arts Business Innovation...
This award recognises the efforts of individuals and organisations, with any or no religious affiliation, that have done the most to improve understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims in Australia. The award: widely disseminates good practices that make a significant contribution to improving...


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