Current or former representatives of the following organisations and committees provided input into the evaluation in various ways

Mackay Pilot Project site

Department of Communities (3 staff)
Domestic Violence Resource Service (1 staff and 1 committee member)
Mackay Women’s Centre Management Committee (4 current and 1 former member)
Mackay Women’s Health and Information Centre (1 committee member)
Pregnancy Help, George Street Neighbourhood Centre (1 staff)

Caboolture Pilot Project site

Caboolture Community Care (2 staff and 2 committee members)
Caboolture Family Haven (1 staff)
Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre Management Committee (2 members)
Department of Communities (3 staff)
Homelife Association (1 staff)
MTSC Management Committee (7 members)

Toowoomba Pilot Project site

Department of Communities (5 staff)
East Creek Neighbourhood Centre (1 committee member)
MTSC Management Committee (3 members)
The Advocacy and Support Centre (2 staff)
Toowoomba Older Men’s Network (1 staff)

Department of Communities, Brisbane

Asset Management and Capital Works Branch (2 staff)
Strengthening NGOs Unit (2 former staff)
Strengthening NGOs Unit and then Sector Development Unit (3 staff)
Sector Development Unit (1 staff)

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