Facilitate a series of workshops to identify a shared operational vision and mission and goals for the MTSC. This process is crucial, and sufficient time is required for it. An independent consultant with expertise in facilitation and change management, and a good understanding of the philosophy underpinning the project, could be engaged to conduct
these workshops.

Support the process of investigating, assessing and deciding on the various collaboration models, taking into account factors such as the complexity and the various legal and tax implications of each model.

Assist the consortium in researching and assessing possible governance models.


Box B3: Tips for achieving a shared understanding of the MTSC concept

  • Spend a day or more introducing the concept and the various issues and pitfalls involved and how they can be avoided, using learnings from the MTSC Pilots Project.
  • Arrange a visit to an already established one stop shop or shared service centre to gather first hand insights into the establishment and operation of a MTSC.



Assist the consortium to develop a business case or proposal for the MTSC that compares
the different collaboration models and their benefits and risks and reaching agreement on the
model which will work best.


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