The organisations involved in the development process are working through a significant change process which brings a range of challenges and issues. The planning process needs to take this into account.

Plan and implement the change management process in more detail. Documents need to be very clear and well defined. They should include information such as the reporting and supervision structure (for example, who you can talk to if your manager is away).

Hold training sessions on change management with management committee members and staff to prepare them for the move to the centre. There is a need to acknowledge that change can result in grieving and a sense of loss, particularly in NGOs where staff and volunteers have a strong sense of personal commitment and loyalty.

Develop clear communication methods that will result in streamlined and open communication and create strong links between all the organisations involved. Designing and implementing an appropriate communication strategy is critical for both internal and external partners. This requires an awareness that not all staff and volunteers have internet connections or are available in working hours.

Establish feedback loops between workers within partner organisations who are involved
in administering the service.

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