Checklists and tools

Community Door –
This part of the Community Door site includes useful information on:

  • Benefits and applications of collaboration
  • Assessing the potential for collaboration
  • Effective interagency relationships: Aligning values and developing trust
  • Negotiating collaborative ventures and partnerships
  • Developing interagency protocols and service agreements
  • Co-location and other resource-sharing arrangements
  • Mapping collaborative relationships
  • Case studies

Developing Your Organisation
Includes detailed information on starting a community organisation, management committees, organisational performance, risk management and when things go wrong.

EvaluateIT. An Online Resource Kit for Evaluating Community Projects
This easy to follow site provides four steps to collaboratively evaluating community IT project which are useful for evaluating any community-based project. The site includes links to case studies and other evaluation resources and information.

Management Support Online NGO Services
This site provides a range of online services for NGOs to assist them with governance, management, administration and general operations. Curently, MSO’s main service is the MSO Subscriber Service - a website providing resources, downloadable tools and templates, self directed training programs, organisational development programs and a confidential advice service.

Planning and Management Tools for Small Community Organisations

This website has links to useful and practical planning tools designed to help people working in smaller community organisations in the human services and community development sectors. It includes various types of plans, planning models, definitions of key terms (‘vision statement’, ‘client needs’ etc.), and checklists of key questions. The site also has useful tools and information on thriving organisations, governance, risk management, writing policy, and organisational manuals and facilitation.

Promoting Coordination, Cooperative Agreements, and Collaborative Agreements among Agencies.
Useful information and tips from the Work Group for Community Health and Development, University of Kansas.

Service Record System

This system, developed by Infoxchange, provides tools required for effective case management, including the ability to record contact notes and alerts, develop case plans, register alerts, record emergency relief, and manage tasks and activities. It has been designed for use in a multi-agency environment.

Sharing Space. Critical Factors for Collocation Site Selection. Centre for Social Innovation, Toronto.
Includes a series of practical worksheets that can be used to evaluate a property and determine the
feasibility and profitability of a new collocation project.

The Project Management Body of Knowledge
These two websites provide basic overviews of the Project Management Body of Knowledge, a collection of processes and knowledge areas generally accepted as best practice within the project management discipline.

Relevant websites

Centre for Australian Community Organisations and Management, University of Technology, Sydney.
The site includes a list of publications, many of which are academic research papers on areas such as
social capital and not for profit organisations.

Community Builders. New South Wales Government.
The Setting Up page includes links to useful information and tools on: co-operatives, setting up a cooperative, cooperative governance, how to develop a mission statement, managing a nonprofit organization, and how to build a partnership.

Co-operative Development Services
Includes information on various publications such as the Australian Co-operative Glossary and the Co-operative's Director's Handbook.

Information on Australian Cooperatives
Provides links to:

  • State and Territory registries
  • Co-operative federations
  • Other co-operative development services and links

Office of Fair Trading, Queensland Government
Includes information on cooperatives and incorporated associations, including changes to the incorporated associations law, and standard rules for non-trading cooperatives. This site includes guides and application forms for the incorporation of associations and registering cooperatives.

Office of Fair Trading, New South Wales Government
Includes detailed information on steps and procedures related to forming cooperatives and associations.

Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House (QPILCH)
QPILCH is a non-profit community based legal organisation that coordinates the provision of pro bono legal services in public interest matters for individuals and community groups.

The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, Queensland University of Technology
Includes links to Current Issues Information Sheets which offer summaries of recent CPNS research and information about the nonprofit sector. This includes information on the new associations incorporation legislation, income tax measures for nonprofit organisations, and answers to the most commonly asked questions about incorporated associations in Queensland. The site also includes a Useful Links page to that helps the community, researchers and students access the latest available information and resources about the nonprofit sector.

The Community Toolbox
This is the world's largest resource for free information on essential skills for building healthy communities. It offers more than 7,000 pages of practical guidance in creating community change and improvement. The site provides tools and resources to help build skills and competencies in community development work and to implement best processes and practices. It includes a troubleshooting guide that presents common dilemmas in doing this work and support to address
them, and online forums.

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