Samuel Mortimer, QCOSS

Queensland marks Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month each May to raise community awareness and send a clear message that violence will not be tolerated in our communities. 

Domestic and family violence affects many members of society and most people will have encountered it at some point in their lives.

A lesser known fact is that domestic and family violence can affect all ages and genders, with an average of 180 incidences reported to Queensland Police every day. A similarly staggering statistic from the Queensland Government's 'Not Now, Not Ever' report revealed that on average, across Australia, one woman is killed by her partner every week. 

The report also projects an annual financial cost to Queensland at $2.7-$3.2 billion but the long-term physical and emotional costs to our community are potentially much more damaging. 

Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month is about influencing a shift in behaviours and attitudes - the change starts with individuals, community groups and organisations.

Individuals can start by learning how to identify various forms of abuse and find out where to get help. Businesses can introduce and promote workplace policies about supporting employees affected by domestic violence. Parents can find out how to encourage their children to harbour respectful views about the opposite sex. Community groups can promote gender equality.

Club managers and coaches at clubs can model appropriate behaviour by holding group members to account when they make sexist remarks or trivialise violence. Schools can teach young people how to build respectful relationships, or hold gold coin donation events to raise money for local domestic violence services or shelters.

There are many ways to help curb the scourge of domestic and family violence. The Queensland Government provides a raft of resources and contacts you can use to help.

Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month is happening throughout May in Queensland. You can get involved, submit an event you're holding, or find out what kinds of events are happening across the state on the Government's events calendar.


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