Natalie Siegel-Brown, Public Guardian

As the Queensland Public Guardian I am pleased to announce the inaugural opening of the Queensland Public Guardian’s Excellence Awards.

As Public Guardian, I want to acknowledge the exemplary work being undertaken by staff in the community services sector across the state on behalf of, and for vulnerable Queenslanders, specifically in relation to OPG clients. Everyday my staff see wonderful examples of the work of staff in the community services sector.

The nominations for staff within the community services sector will be in the categories of:

  • Excellence in promoting the voice of a child or young person out-of-home care in decision-making
  • Excellence in elevating the rights and/or aspirations of clients in disability funded services
  • Excellence in the reduction and/or elimination of the use of Restrictive Practices by a non‑government organisation.

These categories are open for anyone in the community services sector to nominate themselves or a colleague in recognition of their great work in general or in relation to a specific case. I have also invited OPG staff to nominate anyone in the community services sector they are aware of who has worked tirelessly to promote the rights and interests of vulnerable Queenslanders. 

Ceremonies will be held to announce the winners of these awards, and I look forward to acknowledging and rewarding model examples of excellent practice.

Please submit your nomination by Friday 16 February 2018 through the online form here.

About the Office of the Public Guardian

The Queensland Office of the Public Guardian is an independent statutory office established to protect the rights, interests and wellbeing of adults with impaired decision-making capacity, and children and young people in the child protection system. This includes those in out-of-home care, such as a foster home, the home of a kinship carer, a residential care facility, a youth detention or adult correctional centre, disability service or mental health facility.

OPG’s purpose is to advocate for the human rights of our clients. For our adult clients, this means advocating for their rights, access to services, independence and choice as part of a supported decision-making model. For our children and young people clients this means advocating for their rights, access to services and where appropriate, their independence and choice.

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