Angela Massey, QCOSS
Air conditioner

Queensland has been experiencing scorching conditions lately, pushing electricity usage to near record highs as we try to keep cool.

Electricity bills are usually higher over summer as people often have family staying during the holidays, kids home from school and are using the air conditioning in the hot weather.

For many families who are already struggling with cost of living pressures, a higher than usual bill can come as a shock and can trigger financial hardship.

If you assist clients who are dealing with high energy bills, or if you want some tips on how you can save on your own energy use, there are a range of resources available.

Help with energy bills

For those who are struggling to pay an energy bill there are a number of options to assist in making ends meet.

The QCOSS factsheet Can’t pay an energy bill outlines ten tips to help cope with high bills and what to do if you are having difficulty paying your electricity or gas bills.

The Department of Energy and Water Supply has also released a 'Having trouble paying your bill' video with information on how to get help.

The Bright Actions team offers people from a non-English speaking background a free in-home Energy Assessment to show households how to save energy. To sign up or find out more, call 07 3277 3662 or email the Bright Actions team.

Energy saving tips

QCOSS’ Energy savings tips factsheet offers some simple tips to help reduce the size of your electricity bill.

The Energy Queensland Facebook page also regularly posts energy savings tips.

Energy literacy workshops and webinars

QCOSS has conducted a number of Energy Literacy workshops and webinars to provide information for community organisations who assist clients struggling with bills and to facilitate conversations about energy issues.

Topics covered include an overview of electricity prices, available assistance including the Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme (HEEAS) and comparing offers in South East Queensland.

To watch recordings of the webinars and view the resources visit the Essential services section of Community Door.

Energy literacy workshop in Hervey Bay

The next QCOSS energy literacy workshop will be in Hervey Bay on 24 February. You can register on the QCOSS event page.

Keep up to date with energy issues

Sign up to the Energy and Water Network Space to keep up to date on changes in the essential services area that may affect you or your clients. You will receive updates on news and events, and can discuss and share information and network with people with similar interests.

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