Dr Eleanor Glenn, Common Cause

Australia reMADE is an independent alliance of engaged people and community leaders from all walks of life, working to name, plan and act on the Australia of our dreams. We started as a group of civil society leaders tired of being so focused on putting out fires that we had little room left for long-term proactive agenda-setting and collaboration.

We set ourselves the task of mapping out what we’re for: a cohesive vision of the world we want, grounded in the voices, values and experiences of everyday people. That research project took us into people’s hearts and homes, having rich conversations about the Australia of their dreams.

It was a brilliant exercise for restoring faith in humanity, and for recognising that what divides us is surface; what unites us is fundamental.

The vision paints a picture of a future where people and planet come first, and justice and fairness for all become the new ‘normal’ – the new common sense. It incorporates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wisdom and justice, environment, equity diversity and inclusion, and thriving creative communities where everyone is valued and belongs. It recognises the need for:

  • Deep, transformative change to the systems that created our social and environmental problems
  • Creating solutions and alternatives, not just fighting existing systems
  • Collaboration, because none of us can do this alone.

Those of us inspired by the Australia reMADE vision are now focusing on how we make it a reality.

In a similar vein, Common Cause Australia is now coming together with Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) and QCOSS to host a Queensland Remade gathering. The gathering will bring together a broad group of advocates and community members across issues and sectors to talk about how we can create a common agenda for Queensland that brings out the best version of us.

Imagine the power of a positive vision for Queensland, leading up to the next state election. In a politics of fear, we can show bold, visionary and practical ways forward.

Join us at this free gathering in Brisbane on 29 November 2019, a great opportunity to build relationships and identify first steps in working together for bigger and deeper change.

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