Brooke Reynolds, DBCYP
Deception Bay Community Youth Programs

Deception Bay Community Youth Programs (DBCYP) is a community organisation that provides whole of life support for young people in Deception Bay. 

DBCYP have developed the iCreate program as a means to effectively engage young people while providing a safe space for self-expression.

They achieve this by facilitating a range of arts based activities including photography, music workshops, special effects make-up, movie making, drawing and guitar playing. Their music workshops bring young people from different backgrounds and cultures together to defy stereotypes through music.

Mal, a participant in the iCreate program, created two videos to promote the program. He explains why he created the clips and what the program has meant for him:

“My name is Mal Saueha, I created a couple of promo videos for a program held at Deception Bay Community Youth Programs called iCreate. I've done a bit of movie-making in my spare time and so I decided to use that experience for iCreate. The Software I use is Windows Movie Maker and iMovie; to create these promo videos.

I joined the iCreate program because of my passion for music performance. I've done a few recordings and performed at small local festivals through iCreate as well. Later on, I started exploring other creative activities such as, Art Drawing, Lyric writing and Movie Making.

To me, iCreate is a space where there are no creative boundaries. Being in this program, I feel comfortable sharing my creative ideas and being able to collaborate with other creative people. Being part of iCreate helped me grow and better myself as a creative person” – Mal Saueha.

You can now watch Mal's short videos on StudioQ:

iCreate Youth Music Workshops

Boonah Outlook Youth Music Workshop

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