Na käc kë wïc yök, ka aguir kä aa bï kony awër yic:

Lon awër ë thuɔk yiic (TIS)

TIS a tɔ̈u thää thok ëbën nïn ka dhorou yiic ku a lëu ba yök kuat tɛ̈ rëër yïn thïn Authralia tɛ̈ yup yïn keek wëëu yupyup akeunhom.

131 450

Loiloi gɛ̈ykɔ̈u wut

Na wïc kuɔɔny dɛ̈t alɔŋ tɛ̈ ba yɔ̈k käŋ aguir kuɔɔny ɣöt thok a aguir akuma, ka yï jam kek kuat kɔɔc loiloi gɛ̈ykɔ̈u wut kä:

  • Majaleth thäai Wuöt ë Queensland (ECCQ)(ECCQ)

    253 Boundary St West End Queensland 4101
    (07) 3844 9166
    (07) 3846 4453
  • Amada Latueŋ Cïɛɛŋkuötic

    57 Old Cleveland Road Stones Corner Queensland 4120
    (07) 3394 9300
  • Loiloi ACCES GP

    Tɛ̈nëyök atuc
    PO Box 10 Logan Central Queensland 4114
    (07) 3808 9299
  • Multilink

    Tɛ̈nëyök atuc
    PO Box 146 Woodridge Queensland 4114
    (07) 3808 4463
  • Amada ë Mɛ̈cthook ë Cïɛɛŋkuötic GP – Gold Coast

    Tɛ̈nëyök atuc
    PO Box 3023 Southport Business Centre Queensland 4215
    (07) 5571 0381
  • Abërëpïr Darling Downs ku South West Queensland

    Tɛ̈nëyök atuc
    PO Box 2119 Toowoomba Queensland 4350
    (07) 4632 9299
  • Majaleth ë Latueŋ ë rual Mackay Kɔ̈uaɣeer

    Tɛ̈nëyök atuc
    PO Box 984 Mackay Queensland 4740
    (07) 4957 3208
  • Amada Latueŋ Wun Mt Isa

    Tɛ̈nëyök atuc
    PO Box 345 Mt Isa Queensland 4825
    (07) 4749 1404
  • Akut Cïɛɛŋkuötic ë Gɛ̈ykɔ̈u Townsville GP

    Tɛ̈nëyök atuc
    PO Box 1801 Aitkenvale Queensland 4814
    (07) 4775 1588
  • Centacare Cairns

    Tɛ̈nëyök atuc
    PO Box 201 Cairns Queensland 4870
    (07) 4041 7699

Lëk Kɔ̈k

Lonamat Cïɛɛŋkuötic Akeunhom (LAMP)

Lonamat Cïɛɛŋkuötic akeunhom a cë looi bë ya kë pɛɛth kony Akuma Panŋuɛ̈ɛ̈n ku Akuma Pankoor bïk cïɛɛŋ la dïl yam tɛ̈në wuöt kuötiic.

A leŋ nyin durëëk aye muɔɔc wëëu kek Amada Akuma Koor ë Queensland.

Amada Akuma Koor Queensland

Tɛ̈nëyök atuc
PO Box 2230 Fortitude Valley Queensland 4006
(07) 3000 2235
0409 062 722
(07) 3252 4473

Jɛ̈ɛ̈mthok cë rek cök tɔ̈u bak/lɔŋ Arekbuɔy Cïɛɛŋkuötic yic (CAMS)

Jɛ̈ɛ̈mthok cë rek cök bak/lɔŋ Arëkbuɔy Cɛɛŋkuötic yic (CAMS Network) e aguiɛɛr arɔm kaam Akuma koor kek Akuut ë wut bïk cïɛɛŋkuötic geikɔ̈u ku cot kë tueŋ.

Kɔɔc luɔy ka 20 aa ye dɔ̈m bïk luui kek Aguiɛɛr ë Raan Luɔy Wun Cïɛɛŋkuötic cï Akuma looi, agut nyin durëŋ tɔ̈u tɛ̈ cɔl Kinections.


Raan ba yup
Mr Ignacio Jimenez
Durëëk, Aguiɛɛr ë Mëluɔy Wun Cïɛɛŋkuötic
(07) 3435 4311
(07) 3891 1656
Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular method of online fundraising for individuals, businesses, not-for-profits and charities. Generally it involves an individual or an organisation setting a fundraising target online and then asking the crowd of the internet for donations to reach that target...
From 1 July 2017 onwards, new forms will be available on the Blue Card Services website. Check that you have the most current version of the application forms by looking at the ‘valid for lodgement’ date on the top right corner of the form. The new forms will state that they are valid for lodgement...
The Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services' (DCCDS) Community Recovery section is encouraging individuals, carers and service providers in the DCCSDS North and Far North Queensland area to be prepared in relation to Tropical Cyclone Debbie. The likely impacts of a tropical...
We have launched a brand new course on the Community Door eTraining website which provides an introduction to the social service sector in Queensland for managers and organisations new to the sector. It is free for anyone to access. It features a profile of the sector in Queensland, insights into...
The Queensland Law Handbook is a comprehensive, plain-English legal reource designed to help deal with legal problems. Caxton Legal Centre has recently published the handbook as a website. The handbook has been printed as a hard-copy since the early eighties, but thanks to funding from the...
Back by popular demand The State Councils of Social Service (COSS) are partnering to once again deliver a webinar series to uncover what every not-for-profit organisation needs to know about effectively responding to government procurement processes. The webinars will cover: Getting “tender ready”...
Not-for-profit Law has launched Australia's first free, live chat legal service for community groups and charities. The service is available on the Information Hub (click on the blue chat button at the bottom of every page). The real-time chat service allows users to chat to a team member who will...
Not-for-profit Law has updated its guide to 'The laws of advertising and your community organisation'. The resource provides practical tips to help organisations comply with the laws of advertising and marketing in Australia. Importantly, these laws apply to many fundraising activities of charities...
Australia’s 600,000 charities and not-for-profits, from international aid groups right down to the local tennis club, have recently received a major boost, as Justice Connect’s Not-for-profit Law service launched the acclaimed Information Hub for a national audience. The Not-for-profit Law...
On Tuesday 12 May 2015, Minister for Communities, Women and Youth, Minister for Child Safety, Minister for Multicultural Affairs, the Honourable Shannon Fentiman MP, officially launched National Volunteer Week and Volunteering Queensland's Community Resource Handbooks . “Research shows that...


Are you looking for support in Queensland, or trying to find a service that meets your needs? Now you can search oneplace , the service directory hosted by the Queensland Family and Child Commission. oneplace is an easily accessible directory of community services to help Queensland families to get...
Fair Trading Queensland Incorporated Associations website (Queensland Office of Fair Trading) provides information to support organisations incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act 1981. This website also includes a simplified guide to Queensland's Associations Incorporation Act 1981...
In Queensland the Office of Fair Trading regulates Associations and non-profits.
The Community Resource Handbooks were launched by Volunteering Queensland on 12 May 2015. They consolidate the knowledge gained through Volunteering Queensland's community leadership work with more than 2,000 community groups over the past fifteen years. The handbooks are aimed at small to medium...
The Sector Capacity team at QCOSS has worked with the costing methodology developed and kindly shared by the Endeavour Foundation to create an easy to use Unit Costing Tool. This tool supports organisations to understand their cost drivers, and allows them confidently plan and negotiate the level...
Information technology and online solutions can help your community organisation work better. ACOSS, Infoxchange and the Department of Communications have teamed up to bring you Digital Business Kits which give you the tools and information to do more online. Digital Business Kits are hosted on...
Many not-for-profit organisations are now developing income-generating activities to reduce the reliance on government and philanthropic funding, and others are establishing social enterprises to respond to client needs in a sustainable way. The development of business skills and systems is very...
The following resources have been translated to assist these communities in establishing a community organisation. Resources available in English العربية - Resources available in Arabic Thuɔŋjäŋ - Resources available in Dinka پښتو - Resources available in Pashto فارسی...
Changing your Legal Structure from an Incorporated Association in Queensland to a Company Limited by Guarentee
Queensland Associations Incorporation Act Queensland Associations Incorporation Regulations Queensland Co-operatives legislation Commonwealth Corporations Act Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act).
Industrial relations legislation in Queensland can be found on the Fair Work Commission's website . The main pieces of legislation are: Fair Work Act 2009 Fair Work Regulations 2009 Fair Work Commission Rules 2013
There are a range of legal structures which may be suitable for Queensland not-for-profit community groups. The four main options are: an incorporated association: Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (QLD) and Associations Incorporation Regulation 1999 (QLD) a company limited by guarantee:...
What do you need to succeed?
Shelley Dunlop, QCOSS

Community Door hosts a number of useful tools and resources that can assist you with service delivery. These are all free and available for anyone to download. A few of the most popular tools are highlighted here.


Kylie Hogan, National Disability Services

The Community Services Industry is facing a myriad of reforms and challenges now and into the future. 

Challenges such as an ageing population, workforce shortages, sector-wide reforms, technological advances and economic uncertainty are making it more important than ever for...

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