The social service sector in Queensland is currently subject to a number of government reform processes.

In this section you will find information on the individual reform processes, as well as current news and resources related to social service reform in general.

Department of Social Services reforms (Australia-wide)

The Department of Social Services is implementing new grant arrangements to bring together 18 grants programmes from five former Departments into seven larger broadbanded programmes aligned to the priorities of Government. The new programmes have been combined and streamlined to capitalise on common client needs and service delivery outcomes. These programmes aim to provide civil society with greater flexibility to address service needs of individuals, families and communities.

In addition to the existing four Ageing and Aged Care grant programmes, the new grant programmes are:

  • The Families and Communities Programme
  • Housing and Homelessness Programme
  • Disability, Mental Health and Carers Programme

The new grant arrangements include:

  • new grant programmes that better reflect the way community services are delivered
  • longer term grant agreements where appropriate, to offer certainty in service delivery
  • a move towards a single grant agreement for each provider to reduce administrative burden
  • a new and streamlined approach to programme performance reporting which is mutually beneficial
  • simplified financial acquittal reporting to cut down on administrative costs for providers
The Queensland Government has strengthened its domestic violence laws to allow police to act more quickly to protect women and children fleeing violence and by allowing courts to extend Domestic Violence Orders for up to five years. New laws passed by Parliament yesterday will require magistrates...
The University of Southhampton is running a free online course around digital inclusion, titled Digital Accessibility: Enabling Participation in the Information Society . The course runs for five weeks, commencing on 17 October 2016. This course will help you to understand how those with sensory,...
Four organisations in the disability sector share how and why they responded to sector changes by launching an innovation strategy. Three months into the full implementation of the biggest reform the disability sector in Australia has ever seen, Social Ventures Australia spoke to four disability...
Queensland Courts has released a series of short videos that explain the court process for domestic and family violence, to provide the information necessary to take part in the legal process. If you are applying or responding to a domestic violence order, there is information for you. Domestic...
The lack of gender diversity on boards in Queensland is being challenged under a State Government initiative launched at Parliament House in Brisbane today. Minister for Women Shannon Fentiman today announced the Towards Gender Parity: Women on Boards Initiative to increase the number of women on...
The Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social and Emotional Wellbeing Action Plan 2016-18 ‘Proud and Strong’ has been released by the Queensland Mental Health Commission. The Action Plan aims to improve social and emotional wellbeing, and outlines 62 actions to be taken by government...
The Department of Justice and Attorney-General is commissioning new services to address the complex issues experienced by young offenders and their families. New services will have a robust evidence base, successfully address the needs of young people, be culturally responsive and complement the...
The Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Service's Social Service Performance and Reform Program is progressing priorities related to the following elements of the Department's Strategic Plan 2015 - 2019: Social Services and Reforms; and Community inclusion, participation and...
The Productivity Commission has released the preliminary findings of its public inquiry into the increased application of competition, contestability and informed user choice to human services on 22 September 2016. The findings point to six priority areas where competition models could improve...
The Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) has released a report after surveying more than 4,000 parents and non-parents to better understand what drives help-seeking, help-offering and help-accepting behaviours in relation to parenting in Queensland. The full Talking Families research...


Balancing money and people
Gail Slocombe, Senior Project Officer, QCOSS

Last week saw the third budget for Queensland Treasurer the Hon Tim Nicholls, MP.

You can see the Treasurer's presentation at the QCOSS Budget Breakfast on StudioQ.

It’s clear...

Sue Lea, Business Development Manager, FSG Australia

Well this week has seen a few firsts for me, blogging being one of them. What I felt the need to shout out about was this - that a long-standing need, “to marry what we do in our businesses’ services and programs with our vision and mission”, has finally been met  for me through exposure...

Jane Grant, Queensland Council of Social Service

QCOSS is currently delivering a series of workshops across the state exploring how organisations can measure outcomes using the Results Based Accountability™ framework. Our main reason for doing so is that our members...

Community of practice
Anne Curson, Queensland Council of Social Service

It’s uncomfortable, complex, frustrating and is the origin of many of our struggles. Change - it is something that we all experience daily but don’t necessarily embrace. In the community services sector, change is something that we are accustomed to in our work places. It is a process that can...

Pro Bono Australia logo
Tiffany Tento, Queensland Council of Social Service

Pro Bono Australia founder, Karen Mahlab has delivered her top 10 trends for the social sector in 2014.

Karen's predictions include:

  • The future of reform
  • ...


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