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Public Symposium: The Rise of the Renter Nation: The Australian Chapter

The University of Queensland Housing and Urban Studies Network (UQHAUS) is holding its inaugural public symposium on Friday 24th October 2014 exploring the challenges associated with the growth in the private rental section, particularly among low income households.

The symposium will feature keynote speaker, Professor Keith Jacobs from the University of Tasmania, as well as speakers from the academic, government and non-government sectors.

New and emerging models of tenancy management in remote Indigenous communities

Housing reforms in remote Indigenous communities have resulted in a variety of tenancy management arrangements involving state, community and private housing sectors. This project identified different models of tenancy management, considered their housing outcomes, and shared the policy and practice lessons across jurisdictions.

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Homelessness Community Fundraising Toolkit

The Homelessness Community Fundraising Toolkit has been prepared by the Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) for any organisation or community in Queensland working to address homelessness. Through fundraising, the resources, time and talent of local communities can be leveraged to achieve outcomes for people experiencing homelessness. This toolkit is full of fundraising ideas and resources, information on how to prepare your organisation for fundraising and how to communicate the message to engage communities.

Homeless to Home Service saves Queensland millions

An innovative homelessness program in Queensland has shown multi-million dollar savings to the State’s public health system. By spending $503,000 a year to address the health and housing needs of Brisbane’s homeless people, the initiative has saved the Queensland Public Health System almost $7 million.

The Brisbane-based Homeless to Home Healthcare After Hours Service run by Micah Projects in conjunction with local medical services, integrates nurses with homeless outreach teams to provide health-care to homeless and vulnerably housed individuals and families.

A new fund has been launched to help finance innovative housing projects for people with a disability

Foresters Community Finance

Are you a housing or disability service provider?

Are you looking to provide sustainable living arrangements for adult children of elderly parent carers?

 A new fund has been launched to help finance innovative housing projects for people with a disability.

 Is your organisation looking to access finance that:

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