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The following are some reputable sources of research within the social service sector:

Department of Communities Reports and Services

  • COMSIS - Community Services Information System
    COMSIS provides a single comprehensive source of local, regional and state-wide data for over 200 datasets. Data topics in COMSIS include: demography, education, employment, family, housing, income, remoteness and disadvantage.



Community Sector

Violence against women is widely recognised as a global issue. It is an often invisible, but common form of violence, and an insidious violation of human rights. It has serious impacts on the health and wellbeing of those affected and exacts significant economic costs on communities and nations...
The first national survey of Aborigin al and Torres Strait Islander young people's sexual health has just been published. The Goanna Survey looked at knowledge, risk practices and health service access of just under 3,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people aged 16 to 29 from all...
A new report has been published by La Trobe University and the University of New England titled From blues to rainbows: The mental health and wellbeing of gender diverse and transgender young people in Australia . The report is the first national research report looking at the mental health of...
The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre has published the results of a study into the effects of parental supply of alcohol to young people aged under 18. Many parents believe that supplying alcohol to their children can assist in developing responsible drinking patterns, however the results...
The Curtin Charities 2013 Report, produced by the Curtin University Not-for-profit Initiative, gives the first comprehensive, evidence-based analysis of Australian charities and reveals previously unknown facts about the sector. The report analysed data from more than 38,000 charities registered...
A new Australian study shows that workers in health and community services, including aged and disability care, have only a moderate safety consciousness despite having the highest number of workplace injury claims of all industries. FIND OUT MORE : Read the report here .
The Australian Bureau of Statistics has provided the first in a series of publications from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey. In this publication you can access TableBuilder , an online tool that allows you to create tables and graphs from the survey data
New Australian research into social media in the not-for-profit sector has identified the top three methods charities employ to encourage people to give. A survey of 177 current and prospective donors, volunteers and supporters of charities revealed that the top three techniques are giving online,...
The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services has developed a series of resources for leading social services staff, and those in related disciplines, to practice in an outcomes-focused way. Leading for Outcomes is a series of guides that provide support and training materials to...
Oxfam Australia has released a report, Still the Lucky Country?, which said Australia’s richest nine individuals have a net worth of $58.6 billion ($US54.8 billion), more than the bottom 20 per cent (4.54 million people). Oxfam’s poll has also found: 70 per cent of Australians surveyed think it is...


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