National Youth Week is an opportunity for young people to express their ideas and views, act on issues that affect their lives, and create and enjoy activities and events.

To mark this year's National Youth Week CREATE has launched a new video and position paper to #SnapthatStigma and counteract the stereotypes and negative expectations of young people with a care experience.

CREATE believes that young people with a care experience deserve to enjoy the same opportunities and life as every other child and young person in Australia. The Snap that Stigma video features eight young people sharing their experiences and perspectives on the issue of stigma and discrimination while in care. They hope that hearing their voices inspires change to the preconceived views that some people may have about young people with a care experience. ​CREATE has also produced a Position Paper on Stigma in Out-of-Home Care.

CREATE wants to share stories of children and young people in care who are doing great things to help change these views. It all starts with believing that children and young people are more than just their care experience. Help CREATE Snap that Stigma and share a positive story over social media, hashtag #SnapthatStigma or email

For more information visit CREATE's website.

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