NDS invites you to participate in this two day workshop - Making the NDIS your Business! This workshop will comprehensively cover what organisations need to know about building a transition plan and costing and pricing in an NDIS environment.

This workshop is suitable for CEOs/Executives and CFOs/Finance personnel of disability service providers and other stakeholders/businesses who are considering providing services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. 

Day 1: Costing and Pricing in a NDIS Environment
Costing and pricing skill and knowledge is a key area for providers to improve business practices to be prepared to operate in the NDIS environment. This one-day workshop will introduce finance and managerial staff to the basic structures of finance within the NDIS environment.

The workshop will cover Costing Practice; Pricing; and NDIS and Costing and Pricing. As a result of participating in this workshop you will:

  • understand Activity Based Costing and why it is used in the costing and pricing of disability services under individualised funding arrangements;
  • understand the key decisions to be made prior to commencing costing and pricing;
  • understand how to develop the parameters of costing and pricing;
  • appreciate where costing and pricing information may come from; and
  • understand some of the governance arrangements that need to be considered in undertaking costing and pricing.

Day 2:  Creating a Roadmap for Your Business
The introduction of the NDIS requires traditional not-for-profits to transition to a social business structure. Operating under the NDIS will mean NFPs need to take control of costs and balance their mission and economic commitments to achieve the best possible outcomes. The development and application of commercial methodology will need to be applied to operations in order to compete with market forces while simultaneously maintaining the quality of organisational mission.

This workshop will cover Drivers of Change; Business Framework; and the Social Economy. As a result of participating in this workshop you will:

  • understand the business elements to shift from a welfare model to a social business model;
  • appreciate the critical consideration when undertaking strategic business planning;
  • personalising your own business SWOT analysis; and
  • understand supply and demand in the new emerging NDIS market. 

Event details

When: 10th October and 12th October 2017

Where: Disability Matters, 39 Robert St, Atherton, 4883

Cost: NDS & NDP members $120pp and non-members $135pp - for two days

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea included.

Register here.

Registrations close 5 September. If the registration cost is a barrier to your organisation/business participating in this workshop please contact Lisa Fraser from NDS to discuss on 07 3828 9415 or email

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