What is the impact of BYOD (bring your own device) programs in schools?

ABC's Kathy Mcleish talks to Mark Henley, QCOSS CEO and others about the implications.

Queensland schools' BYOD program risks leaving poorer students behind, QTU says

Queensland's education authorities are being warned that families could be forced to take on unsustainable loans to suit a program requiring students to bring their own devices, such as laptops, to class or else risk children falling behind their peers.

Queensland Council of Social Services chief Mark Henley said it was a critical issue that had the potential to increase disadvantage.

"If the Education Department is going to introduce children having access to devices, they need to make sure that all children get equal access to the best possible education," he said.

He said in a recent survey of Queensland parents almost half said they had suffered financial stress in the past year and were having to make tough decisions.

"You would hate to think that parents feel obliged to keep their children having a device and paying for those costs but maybe forgoing meals or rent of medication," he said.

Mr Henley said social services reports showed many people in need did not ask for help.

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