From October 2016 responsibility for the administration of the blue card system transferred from the Public Safety Business Agency to the Department of Justice and Attorney-General. Changes have been made to the system and new services are now available.

New application forms

There are new forms available on the Blue Card Services website. While there is a short grace period during which the previous version of forms will be accepted, please ensure that you access the most current version of the application forms going forward to avoid processing delays.

While there have been minimal changes to the blue card application forms, there has been some name changes for other forms. These changes are as a result of stakeholder feedback and better reflect the purpose of these forms. The changes are outlined below:

  • the Authorisation to confirm a valid card/application form is now called the Link an applicant/cardholder to this organisation form
  • the Identification verification by a prescribed person form is now called the Confirmation of Identity form
  • the Authority to Liase with an authorised person form is now called the Consent to discuss information form

New online payment service

If payment is required and you want to pay by credit card, you can now do this online. This replaces the previous process where people provided their credit card details on the form. Please note that applications for volunteers will continue to be processed free of charge.


  • You can pay the fee securely online
  • You will receive immediate notification that payment has been successful or unsuccesful, and
  • You will get a receipt immediately.

Payments can be made to Blue Card Services: 

  • Using the new online payment service
  • By cheque or money order, or
  • In cash if made in person at the Blue Card Services office.

The online payment service is available from the Blue Card Services website by clicking on the ‘Pay Online’ button on the homepage.

Upload forms online

You can now upload a completed copy of your blue card application form or other forms through the Blue Card Services website for immediate lodgement.


  • You will get immediate confirmation that a form has been lodged with Blue Card Services, and
  • This will reduce delays associated with posting forms.

Access this service from the Blue Card Services website by clicking on the ‘Submit a completed form’ button on the homepage.

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