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10 July 2012

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Pay Equity Regulation Update - Funding, New Website, FWA Decision, Backpay Due...

28 June 2012

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26 April 2012

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8 March 2012

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Pay Equity Regulation Update - funding includes Federal $ via state govt - Applications due Friday

22 February 2012

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Communique from Minister Karen Struthers, September 30, 2011

The Minister for Community Services and Housing and Minister for Women, Karen Struthers has released a communique in response to the news that the Federal Government has repealed the Regulations and will re-draft new Regulations after a period of consultation.

For news about the repeal of the Regulations read this important update.

The Original Regulation of 4 August 2011 (since repealed and to be re-drafted)

On August 4, 2011 the Federal Government announced the making of a new regulation called the Fair Work (Transitional Provisions and Consequential Amendments) Amendment Regulations 2011. An explanatory statement to the Regulation was also gazetted. 


We have launched a brand new course on the Community Door eTraining website which provides an introduction to the social service sector in Queensland for managers and organisations new to the sector. It is free for anyone to access. It features a profile of the sector in Queensland, insights into...
Not-for-profit Law has launched Australia's first free, live chat legal service for community groups and charities. The service is available on the Information Hub (click on the blue chat button at the bottom of every page). The real-time chat service allows users to chat to a team member who will...
The right to work is a fundamental human right, but one that far too many older people and people with disability in Australia do not enjoy. The Inquiry is grounded in the voices of individuals affected by discrimination, the experiences and perspectives of employers of all sizes and across all...
Australia is becoming more culturally diverse and many Australian organisations need support to effectively manage the opportunities and challenges that this cultural diversity brings. Research demonstrates that organisations that manage cultural diversity well can expect to receive a host of...
The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) published their Market Position Statement for Queensland this week. The NDIA predict significantly higher growth in jobs than the 13,000 FTE predicted by Qld Government: the NDIA expects between 15,900 and 19,400 extra FTE jobs in Queensland by the...
Australia’s 600,000 charities and not-for-profits, from international aid groups right down to the local tennis club, have recently received a major boost, as Justice Connect’s Not-for-profit Law service launched the acclaimed Information Hub for a national audience. The Not-for-profit Law...
Meeting from above
Good Foundations recently conducted a survey to start a discussion around the question, "What makes a not-for-profit well-run?". The objective of the research was to clarify how the sector defines and measures whether or not a not-for-profit organisation is well-run. The results of the survey were...
The Queensland Government will begin rolling out five-year funding agreements for non-government organisations and services, with the plan announced at today’s 2015 QCOSS State Conference. The Minister’s announcement was delivered during a video-message today to officially open QCOSS’ two-day...
Indigenous business month logo
October marks the launch of the Inaugural Indigenous Business month. This is an initiative of the 2015 Murra Indigenous Business Masterclass Alumni where there are a number of events planned across the country. The aim of these events are celebrate and raise the profile of the Indigenous business...
Three happy people having a meeting at work
Around 90 per cent of employees think mental health is an important issue for businesses, but only 50 per cent believe their workplace is mentally healthy. Promoting mental health in the workplace benefits everyone - employees, managers, business owners and organisational leaders. Everyone has a...


Are you looking for support in Queensland, or trying to find a service that meets your needs? Now you can search oneplace , the service directory hosted by the Queensland Family and Child Commission. oneplace is an easily accessible directory of community services to help Queensland families to get...
Industrial relations legislation in Queensland can be found on the Fair Work Commission's website . The main pieces of legislation are: Fair Work Act 2009 Fair Work Regulations 2009 Fair Work Commission Rules 2013
There are a range of legal structures which may be suitable for Queensland not-for-profit community groups. The four main options are: an incorporated association: Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (QLD) and Associations Incorporation Regulation 1999 (QLD) a company limited by guarantee:...
Michael Pegg, Jobs Australia

Whenever an organisation employs someone to do work, they enter into the world of industrial relations and human resource management.  It’s not usually the main focus for the organisation and it can be hard to see why clause xyz of the something or other award matters.  But it in the world...

Lyne Mear, HR Advisor and Employment Advocate, Owl Industries

Is your support worker or carer a contractor or an employee? If you are managing your own care or support arrangement, this is an important question, even if your focus is to be free of mainstream service providers and be able to determine your own life. 

Although the...

Joel Ainscough, Queensland University of Technology

In the midst of a changing work environment there are some factors that employers in non-profit organisations may need to consider.

Provided here are some human resource management tips for consideration in the modern Australian workforce.

Work-life balance

The term “Work-...

Balancing people and money
Linda Hayes, Corporate Synergies Australia

There is a growing expectation for organisations to be able to quote the Unit Cost of every service, activity, output and outcome of each program, for each individual, to each government department.  This is already a requirement for child care and aged care, and will be introduced into the...

Human Rights for Queensland
Aimee McVeigh, A Human Rights Act for Queensland

If a government is required to consider human rights while making decisions, a transparent dialogue with the people is created – the people can see their government cares about their rights.

When MP Peter Wellington supported the Labor Party to form government in February, they agreed to...

Working together
Shelley Dunlop, QCOSS

The Victorian Government offers a comprehensive guide to ensuring that your organisation has a conflict resilient workplace. Conflict is a normal and often...

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