Parkside at Gosford. Youth Action and Policy Association, NSW
Outlines the development and management of Parkside, a multi-service centre in central Gosford in New South Wales which houses seven youth services. This centre (a former supermarket) is an example of a co-location model of service provision. A company was formed to administer the facility and a board was established to manage legal issues and security and deal with the City Council which owns the building.

Sharing Financial Administration. A Feasibility Study of Potential Models for Small Non-Government Organisations.
Includes four case studies of small NGOs which have co-located or share their financial administration
through partnerships or outsourcing.

Case Studies of Non-Government Organisation Collaborations in Queensland
The case studies on this website include the Brisbane Homelessness Service Centre, a one stop shop
in South Brisbane which houses five partner agencies in a former warehouse, leased by the
Department of Housing. This centre is a good example of a co-location model of service provision.

Development of a Consortium Service Model - a Snapshot of the Gold Coast Experience. QCOSS Conference Presentation, 2007  Outlines the process and challenges in developing a consortium to create a service hub for the Gold Coast to address homelessness.

Earles, W., Doyle, J., Ross, A., Malthouse, D., & Selke, H. (2005). Stories from a Third Sector Co-Governance/Multiple Co-Location Trial: The Regional Outreach Support Program. Third Sector Review, 11 (2), 117-135.
This paper outlines the Regional Outreach Support Program in north Queensland which involved the trial of a co-governance/multiple co-location model for a long term support service for families experiencing domestic violence and child safety issues.

Fine, M., Pancharatnam, K. & Thomson, C. (2005).Coordinated and Integrated Human Service Delivery Models. SPRC Report 1/05. Social Policy Research Centre, The University of New South Wales: Sydney.
This report includes several examples of various models of service integration in the human service delivery field, including: the service hub concept, multi-purpose service centres and one-stop shops.


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