Shelley Dunlop, QCOSS

The Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Care (SNAICC) has developed a detailed and easy to use resource to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community organisations in applying for endorsement as a Deductible Gift Recipient.

Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) endorsement is handled by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), and can be very beneficial to community organisations seeking funding and donations. Organisations with DGR status are able to access a greater range of philanthropic money than those who have not been endorsed, as some of the incentives include:

  • Donations over $2 to organisations with DGR status are tax deductible and can be included on personal tax returns
  • Many philanthropic organisations have a requirement that they are only able to donate to organisations with DGR status
  • Some organisations with DGR status are able to offer staff additional benefits through salary packing options

However, the application process for DGR status will involve considerable planning and documentation, and organisations will need to have sound governance, management and record-keeping methods in place. If you do obtain DGR status then you will need to ensure you meet the reporting and administration requirements as an endorsed DGR, which will require time, resources and people.

SNAICC’s Guide to applying for Deductible Gift Recipient Status has detailed instructions and handy hints that would be useful to any type of community organisation thinking about applying for DGR status, however there are many pieces of information and links that will be particularly relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders organisations.

The resource includes:

  • An overview of the DGR application process.
  • Checklists of key considerations that may be helpful to consider before, during, and after the application process.
  • Hints, important notes, community voices, key contacts, information and support services around Australia (and by state and territory) for each stage of the application process.
  • A long list of other sources of philanthropic funding and donations that do not require DGR status
  • References for further reading and information.

For further information see SNAICC’s guide to applying for Deductible Gift Recipient Status

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