Shelley Dunlop, QCOSS
Working together

The Victorian Government offers a comprehensive guide to ensuring that your organisation has a conflict resilient workplace. Conflict is a normal and often positive part of any organisation, however a resilient workplace is one where conflict is managed well, and not allowed to escalate.

Strong communications and positive relationships should underpin the conflict management system so that conflict is managed early, at the lowest possible level, and with the most appropriate response.

The Developing Conflict Resilient Workplaces guide is focused on Victorian organisations, however the vast majority of the information can be applied just as well in Queensland. The guide is mainly diagnostic, asking you questions about the systems and behaviours in your workplace, then leading you through a series of action steps to help you reach your organisational goals. It also gives practical tips for writing business cases and presenting options to senior management.

Along with the guide, you can find a report on conflict management for public sector leaders. This report outlines the cost of conflict in the workplace and puts forward some ideas on how public sector leaders can work towards and integrated conflict management model.

Finally, the Victorian Government provides a discussion paper on ‘Taking the heat out of workplace conflict’, which explores the main causes of conflict in the workplace and current thinking on how to manage these issues.

For more information visit the Developing Conflict Resilient Workplaces resource page.

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