Sue Lea, Business Development Manager, FSG Australia

Well this week has seen a few firsts for me, blogging being one of them. What I felt the need to shout out about was this - that a long-standing need, “to marry what we do in our businesses’ services and programs with our vision and mission”, has finally been met  for me through exposure to a simple and effective process.

The solution? Results Based Accountability™. Before you groan, as I did when I left my first exposure session a couple of years ago, I need to say, “it’s all in the delivery”. So frequently, new concepts (often not so new), are shrouded in mystery, jargon and confusion so that we are compelled to engage the contracting company to support a long winded process of implementation. I found this wasn’t the case after attending a workshop organised by the Queensland Council of Social Service and National Disability Services. The workshop was presented in partnership with Results Leadership Group. I came away with a set of tools (7 questions in fact) that I had applied to a “real” work scenario and generated effective actions that I could implement immediately.

In this tender and grant driven sector, too often we just keep on “doing our thing”, and successfully meeting contract requirements without actually taking stock of the end results. Yes, we provide a quality service to lots of people…. but how do I know they are better off as a direct result of that OR how much better off they are?

The new world of self-directed funding will require us to sell businesses and programs directly to individuals. Having the ability to measure “better off” results provides me with my sales pitch and presents staff Key Performance Indicators that directly match activity to outcome, whether in a direct client contact role or not.

The bonus is that implementation of the tools and practices doesn’t require endless meetings and databases, but is created through a simple tool for teams to use, that can be executed in half an hour – probably all the time we can afford to invest with billable hours!

- Sue Lea (Business Development Manager) and Kim West (General Manager) for FSG Australia, after attending a workshop on Results Based Accountability™, are now supporting the implementation of the framework in the organisation’s STEP program. They are planning a process to review the program service model and monitor and evaluate the program against desired outcomes for their FSG volunteers. Results Leadership Group will be providing additional support to help FSG achieve this.

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